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Conveniently located in Markham, Ontario, Canada Genie Lamp Studios offers a soundproofed studio environment for your video shoots and production needs.

With high ceilings, lighting, large comfortable space, green screens, free parking, kitchenette, ground-level access, studio equipment rentals and more, we have everything you need to help you look great!

Need help planning your shoot? No problem! You can rent the studio and bring in your own crew or have our on-site crew of professional experts work on your production for an additional fee.

Booking your studio time is simple and easy we are open (24 hours a day, 7 days a week by appointment only).

Film Studio Rental Space In Markham

Genie Lamp Studios is proud to provide a safe, accessible and inclusive environment for all.

Please visit our Studio Space Rental Pricing page for costs and hourly rates.

Studio Specifications:

Studio Space:

Length: 32 Feet
Width: 18 Feet

Cyclorama (CYC) Wall:

Length: 20 Feet
Width: 15 Feet
Height: 12 Feet
Curve: 20 Inches

Lighting Grid:

Height: At 15 Feet
• Can Hold Up To 1500lbs Per Truss

House Lights:

3 x 150 Watt UFO Lights

Double Door (Alleyway):

Width: 5 Feet, 4 Inches (64 Inches)
Height: 7 Feet, 8 Inches (80 Inches)


Dedicated 20 Amp Circuits

Kitchenette & Green Room:

Length: 14 Feet, 5 Inches
Width: 9 Feet, 5 Inches


Free Multi-Car Parking On-Site

Studio Floor Plan:

Studio Image Gallery:

Our Studio Is Perfect For:

Studio Services Offered:

Studio Rental RATES

Studio Gear & Equipment Rentals

We have top of the line studio gear & equipment to give you a high quality production.

From lighting gear to green screens, camera gear to production and audio gear, we have cutting edge reliable equipment ready to rent upon request.

We offer great reasonable rates for studio gear rentals.

For special or unique requests, contact us in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate you for your shoot.

Scroll down to view the types of gear we currently have available.

Markham Film Studio Equipment Gear Rental

Lighting Gear:

Camera Gear:

Green Screens:

Production Gear:

Audio Gear:

Studio Gear Rental RATES

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