We edit professional videos with Final Cut Pro X.

From start to finish we will edit your video from your vision.

A fast way to make your video is we record in studio then edit right after on site.

Editing rates are either flat rate, hourly, or hourly with you sitting with one of our editors editing in the studio

Video Editing Services In Markham

FCPX Video Editing Training

We offer 1 to 1 training with Final Cut Pro X at our Markham studio, your location or live online.

We tailor our Final Cut Pro X training to your needs and also show what you need to know to get up and editing fast to advanced techniques.

Learning how to video edit with Final Cut Pro X will give you valuable skills to apply editing videos for business, educational purposes to personal, social media use and more.

Learn the FCPX tools of the trade so you know when to use them, how to apply them and why you should include them in your video editing procedures.

Video is a major important part of society now and in the future. It has been embraced by many people in their lives for business, education, entertainment, social purposes and more.

If you want to learn how to edit with Final Cut Pro X fast, then feel free to contact us. For video editing training rates click here.

FCPX Video Editing Training Markham
You can download a full trial program of Final Cut Pro X here.

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