Deposit / Cancellation Fee

To book the studio, we require a 50% deposit upon booking. After the deposit is made you have a 15 day cancelation charge. If you need to cancel within the 15 days then you lose your deposit or you can move your rental booking to another day and time. If you have to cancel that day then you lose your deposit. 

Production Insurance

You are required to have a certificate of insurance with General liability Insurance and coverage of $2,000,000 listing Genie Lamp Studios as an additional insured party during the rent of the studio. If you do not have insurance then please have one of your production people provide the insurance while working on the site.

Payment Terms

Full payment of the studio is due before you leave. If you rent any of our gear or hire any production people then that payment is also due before you leave. Payments can be made by cheque, cash or email money transfer. If by check please make payment out to Genie Lamp Studios.


If you or any of your crew, actors, friends or people that you bring to the studio during your production damages anything in the studio or on the property then you are 100% responsible and liable for the repair cost or you buy the broken gear.


If anyone is hurt on your production from your actions or the production’s actions then you are 100% liable for any damages that may occur.

Drug Free

This is a drug / smoke / vapour free environment. Smoking is allowed outside on the deck area or in the parking lot. No alcoholic beverages allowed.

All productions in the studio are drug free. If someone from your production shows up on drugs then that person’s actions are 100% your responsibility.

Outside Noise

The Studio is located in a residential community. Please respect the environment and keep your outside noise levels low.

Where To Direct Questions

If you have any comments or questions about the preceding Studio Rental & Payment Policies please contact:

Genie Lamp Studios
46 Timbermill Crescent,
Markham, Ontario, Canada
L3P 6W7

Telephone: (416) 274-1265