Ready to take your video content, message & storytelling to new heights? Our team of experienced pilots will capture stunning aerial footage that brings new jaw-dropping perspective and possibilities to your projects. Whether you’re creating a promotional video, a real estate tour, a travel documentary or more our drone footage will make your videos one to remember! Contact Genie Lamp Studios for a quote on our Drone Video Production Today. Contact us for a quote.

Benefits of Drone Video Production

Drone video production unleashes unlimited production & creative possibilities for your projects. By capturing stunning landscapes, perspectives and action-sequences, drone video takes your production quality to an entirely new level! Want to create that powerful emotional impact and persuasive effect, that “WOW Factor”, for your audience? Genie Lamp Studios has got you covered with our experienced Drone Pilot Operators.

Here are the benefits of drone video production to name a few:

Aerial Perspective: Drones can capture stunning aerial views of landscapes, buildings, events and action sequences that simply are not possible with traditional cameras. The bird’s eye views provides new perspectives that create captivating cinematic effects in your videos.

Versatility: Drones can be used to capture footage from literally every angle imaginable. Whether its action sports, movies, content creation or real estate photography drone captures your footage in the most dynamic, captivating way possible. Our top of the line drones have incredible flexibility and maneuverability, allowing you to capture footage in tight spaces.

Cost-Effective: Drone video production is way more cost-effective than hiring a helicopter, crane or plane to capture aerial footage. Our Drone pilots have thousands of hours of experience flying and have captured some of the most cutting-edge footage that have been used in films, television & online!

Efficiency: Drones capture footage in ways you can only imagine. From stunning angles & aerials to fast-efficient shooting sequences, drones can reduce the time and cost of filming. Skyrocket your production quality and viewing experience for your audience and save time and money by shooting with Genie Lamp Studios Drone Operators.

Safety: Drones can capture footage in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas, reducing the risk to human operators. Our drones are equipped with sensors and other safety features to prevent collisions and ensure safe operation.

Creativity: Drone video production allows for incredible creative freedom helping you create cinematic, compelling, dynamic video quality that showcases your product, service, expertise or story in the most memorable, exciting way possible.

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