Learn the entire video production process from Pre-Production, Filming to Post-Production & Editing.

Our training is all-inclusive and 100% customized to you and your businesses wants, needs & marketing strategy.

We offer 1 to 1 and group training on video production. Training is provided at our Markham film studio location or potentially on-site upon request. Genie Lamp Studios films & produces video for all industries including TV, music/concerts, interviews, live broadcasts etc. In our trainings we share our thousands of hours of expertise in a very concise, engaging, easy-to-remember format. From pre-production & filming to post-production, we teach you exactly what you need to know about video production. Contact us for a quote on VIDEO PRODUCTION TRAINING TODAY!


Career Opportunities: Video production is a growing industry with many career opportunities, including filmmaking, advertising, broadcasting, social media marketing, and corporate video production.

Creative Expression: Video production provides an outlet for creative expression gives you tremendous flexibility and skill to communicate stories and branding through video.

Improved Communication Skills: Learning video production helps you communicate and convey your message, ideas and branding in the most effective, strategic manner.

Technical Skills: Video production training educates you on the specialized equipment and video editing software, used too shoot and edit video ranging from basic social media content to higher-end TV & film productions. Learn technical skills that enable you to ADD MASSIVE VALUE to yourself and your business.

Collaboration: Learn how to effectively coordinate and produce video. Learn about the different facets of film-making & video production to streamline your projects.

Versatility: Video production is a tremendous skill & asset for producing your own personal content as well as adding tremendous value for your business and in the workplace.

Increased Visibility: Videos are how businesses reach their audience in todays world. Increase your ability to communicate, market and persuade by becoming literate & skilled in the processes of video production.

In studio professional interview video production services at Genie Lamp Studios Markham.


Learn How To:

• Light your subjects and scenes

• Set Blocking

• Set Design

• What to do to make sure you are not over exposed when recording

• Pitfalls to Avoid • How to work safe

Corporate lecture video production recording with Genie Lamp Studios Markham.

Camera Work

• Work Cameras

• Frame your subjects

• Suggested gear to use and not use

• Professional Procedures and protocols

• Make extra income with your camera (Shooting Stock Footage)

On location interview video production services and Markham film studio rental at Genie Lamp Studios.


Learn How To:

• Place your microphones, lavalieres or shotgun mics when recording people

• Create the best scenarios for recording

• Avoid audio problems

• Dual system audio