Want to maximize your reach & audience for your events, projects, interviews or seminars? At Genie Lamp Studios we offer pro live-streaming services so you can connect with your audience in real time. We create seamless, high-quality live-streamed events that enables you to connect & interact with your audience at the highest level. From virtual conferences to events and concerts, we film, record & broadcast it all! With our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we take care of all the logistics to help you offer LIVE EVENTS VIRTUALLY to your audience. In addition we offer pre-recorded live-streams too to ensure a seamless broadcast. Ready to host events with our LIVE STREAM options to help you generate a wider audience, more engagement & more business? Contact us for a quote today.

Live Stream Samples Below

Benefits of Live Streaming

Increased reach: Live-streaming enables you to connect with wider audience globally in real time. Open up new streams of revenue, engagement & business. Rather than losing out on potential business, give your audience the option to attend your events virtually! We ensure that your events are produced, recorded & broadcasted with the highest professional quality.

Greater engagement: Live-streaming produces far greater interaction, engagement & a more enjoyable experience for your audience and customers. Greater participation leads to a greater experience, greater loyalty & more business for you and your brand. Don’t be limited by physical constraints. Broadcast your message to the world!

Cost-effective: Live-streaming is an efficient, cost-effective way to host events or broadcasts. It eliminates the need for physical venues, travel, and other expenses associated with in-person events. In todays world people want the option to tune into your content virtually! Subscriptions & attendance will skyrocket when you provide live stream options!

Real-time feedback: Live-streaming creates real-time feedback and interaction with your audience, giving them the best experience possible!

Improved accessibility: Live-streaming opens up your content and events to the world. With our pro live stream production we make your events as professional, engaging & successful as possible.

Ready to save time, money and stress and take your events and your reach to the next level? CONTACT GENIE LAMP STUDIOS TO DISCUSS OUR LIVE STREAM EVENT OPTIONS!

Pictures Of Past Live-Streams Below